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Demo to moving storeonce host to new server

Video link:

Hello friends,
Today I want to demonstrate the solution to move HPE Data Protector Storeonce software from old host to new host
After that, I will make new video to restore/migrate IDB by that new SOS device on new CM host.

The old SOS has HW/ full space… issue, and we need to move SOS which contains all critial backup to new host server

Here in my LAB, Cell manager is also the SOS host, running on windows 2008 standard.

Detail LAB
CM-old SOS host:
hostname: dpserverpr
-> Ok old CM has good IDB and above info
Let check SOS
This is fresh OS that not yet configure any device and backup.
Let us do
Ok done, I did created 1 SOS store naming: IDBSOS, root SOS is C:\SOS

New CM-new SOS host:
hostname: dpserverdr
-> this will be new CM and SOS that be migrated to.

Steps to reproduce the case:

1. I will run some test backup: File system + latest IDB backup, so that I can use latest IDB to restore to new hosts later.

Ok we did test file backup + IDB backup to SOS
SOS now increased as below size:
C:\Users\Administrator>storeoncesoftware –list

Store Name: IDBSOS
Store Id: 1
Store Description: n/a
Store Status: started
Store Autostartable: ON
Store Readonly: OFF
User Data Stored: 72 MB
Store Data Size: 13 MB
Deduplication Ratio: 5.6 : 1
Listing of the stores succeeded.

SOS info:
Store Root: C:\SOS
Existing Stores: 1
Available Stores: 31
Disk Capacity: 50 GB
Disk Space Free: 30 GB
Read only: OFF

2. Now we assume old CM dpserverpr has full space or HW issue, we need proactively to migrate to new server (CM/SOS features)
So let us start

– omnidownload -library Library_name -file LocationFile.txt
-> this is to save current SOS device configuration. This will be copied to new HOST/CM

– stop storeoncesoftware service by:
sc stop storeoncesoftware
sorry: command should be
net stop storeoncesoftware
– now copy root store and LocationFile.txt to new CM/HOST (dpserverdr)
Also copy system.db, located at:

Let copy to new CM/SOS

– Go to new CM, and ensure CM installed fresh and with SOS component.
– Configure new SOS store with copied root (from old SOS host)
First stop SOS service:
net stop storeoncesoftware
storeoncesoftware –configure_store_root –path=C:\SOS –force
net start storeoncesoftware
– now let configure SOS device on new SOS and omniupload to update configuration to new SOS
**Note to update LocationFile.txt to point to new CM/SOS address***
In my case:

-now let upload device file to new SOS:
omniupload -modify_library sosdev -file C:\IDB\sosdev.txt

If no replace, then you can create new SOS dev by omniupload -create_library LocationFile.txt

– check result
Good result on new CM/SOS now

Good luck all!

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