Monday , May 27 2019
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Partition is getting full space issue

Once day, you see that your computer getting full space with partition, especially C drive. What should you check to release space then? Check to see how many user profiles which logged in to your computer? Command: sysdm.cpl Locate C drive 2. User quick tool to scanning your detail file …

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Demo to moving storeonce host to new server

Video link: Hello friends, Today I want to demonstrate the solution to move HPE Data Protector Storeonce software from old host to new host After that, I will make new video to restore/migrate IDB by that new SOS device on new CM host. Scenario: The old SOS has HW/ full …

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Steps to move storeoncesoftware host to new one

In The Cell Server: 1. Make a safe copy of the IDB just in case. VERY IMPORTANT. In the Source StoreOnce Host: 2. Note down the output of this command showing the Root of your Store/s: C:\Program Files\OmniBack\bin>StoreOnceSoftware.exe –get_server_properties Store Root: d:\storeonce Existing Stores: 1 Available Stores: 31 Disk Capacity: 298 …

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Moving Exchange Server 2013 Mailboxes

In Exchange Server 2013 mailbox moves are performed using move requests. There are a variety of ways that move requests can be used to move mailboxes in an Exchange 2013 organization, with such options as: Moving individual mailboxes or batches of mailboxes Moving primary mailboxes with archive mailboxes or moving …

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Windows 8 desktop wallpapers fail to load/blank/black color

If you have problems in changing themes, desktop wallpapers or background colors, this is what you have to do, just follow these simple steps: 1. Go to Control Panel. In the right upper corner search for ‘background’ word. 2. Go to ‘Ease of Acces Center’ and acces ‘Turn off background …

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